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Expert in building Web applications using React and Vue.

Work Experiences

Companies I have worked for so far in my career

Software Engineer (Cloud Security)

January 2020 - Current

Data Loss Prevention

Currently leading the development of two web applications used by Cisco Umbrella customers to manage their data loss prevention policies.

Distributed Tracing

Designed and developed the service responsible for tracing requests into Cisco Umbrella proxies. We used OpenTelemetry along with DataDog to improve our monitoring and profiling capabilities.

Customer CA Signed Root Certificate

Helped develop the web application used by Cisco Umbrella customers to upload their own root certificate and use it in their networks.

Technologies Used

ReactJS (Redux, SASS, Webpack), AWS Services (EC2, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, VPCs, Route53), Kubernetes, NGINX, Jenkins, Docker, Git

Languages Used

JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Java

Software Engineer (Payment Authorisation)

July 2018 - January 2020

Support Automation

Designed and developed an application which automated certain tasks the support team did every day. It provided a much more modern approach to resolving customer issues.

VisaNet Development

Completed multiple development tasks which involved improving transaction declines and adding new business units. While maintaining and supporting the system, I learned about different message types, Token provisioning and maintenance (Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay), Original Credit, Single and dual message system, Visa Direct, Advice messages, Transaction history and many more.

Multicurrency Microservice POC

Designed and developed a service in Go language that did currency conversion based on many different rules.

Technologies Used

zTPF Development, ReactJS (Redux, SASS, Webpack), Electron, Docker, Git

Languages Used

C++, Go, JavaScript, C, Assembly

Software Engineer (Internship and Part time)

July 2016 - April 2018

Greenfield Project

Designed and developed a system as part of a research project that helped field engineers to measure the quality of products quickly without having access to large sorting machines.

Product Development

Designed, developed and led a team of two members to provide better startup experience for customers.

Product Port

Ported a software currently used by customers to new operating system.

Technologies Used

Image processing with OpenCV, Atmel, FPGA Programming, QT, Electron, Vue

Languages Used

C, C++, JavaScript


Projects I have worked on for fun or to learn

Urban Care Community

Volunteering Project

I volunteered to work on a project that would change the way service is provided to thousands of people in UK who needs care. I built a PWA (Progressive Web Application) that enabled Care Homes manager or an individual in need of care to book an appointment with a Care Worker in couple of taps in their mobile.

Technologies used

Google Cloud, Kubernetes, MongoDB, NodeJS, VueJS, Docker, AWS


Open Source Project

Worked with 7 different developers from 4 different continents on an open source application for a developer community website. We used ReactJS and Electron to build the cross platform application, using CI Pipelines we run test to make sure we are writing valid and quality code. I started the project initially and am currently managing it.

Technologies used

ReactJS, Redux, Electron, CircleCI

Grand Engineering Challenge


Along with 4 other friends, we took part in the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering competition. We made it to the top 18 teams in the United Kingdom. The topic we chose was Cyber Security. Currently, there isn't any global consensus regarding device security standards. Our solution helps to set up security standards that would be comprehensive and recognised all around the world.


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